The Golden Eggs 金鸡蛋 选择人数:44
There is no time to regret. You find your body is hardening quickly. You are in panic. You run to kitchen and take a knife to stab your arm.
Thank goodness. The blood is still red and you are still mortal. Damn it. There is not even a little scratch on your arm. You are immortal.


第2页:You find the eggs are very tasty and eat all of them. Suddenly, you feel your body becoming very hot and you get dizzy. In just a few seconds, you turn into a golden man totally! You can't feel the beating of your heart, but you are still alive!
你选择: You are shocked and regret eating the eggs.
第1页:The morning sunshine enters your room. As you wake up to the lovely singing of birds, you see a small nest has been built just outside your window. You open your window to look inside the nest and are surprised to see three solid gold eggs!
你选择: Crack open an egg..
The Golden Eggs 金鸡蛋 选择人数:44
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